His Sonnet

where did I walk before I knew of you?
a haggard Earth, black soil, frost-eaten planes?
some other nameless planet just as blue
a moon with love nor colour in its wanes?
what ash did I consume when you weren’t mine?
few bites I took sustained that did not cloy
fruit was but pulp, and water naught but brine
and yet a crust broken with you was joy
I could have sworn the days warmed at your side
we’ve sat in rain before and felt it not
as if that temperate mirror’s glass belied
the weather, but instead what hearts begot
my world, my fill, my heat have you become
my love equates a whole in life’s long sum

Published by (Not actually a Lady) Ruthless

I'm a Manchester based horror writer! Non binary. Stuck with this domain because I'm lazy

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