A Funeral In Bangor

I know how I’ll dress when you’re gone waist small as two fistslips laquered black,black as the pineI’ll rap with my knucklesto see you out, to see youspun into cinderson a loom at which Death toiledwith sympathetic fingersturning dustinto gold I know how I’ll stand meeting the shiftinggaze of any who thoughtI was a shadowfromContinue reading “A Funeral In Bangor”

The Rhythm Of A Number

Memories hurt more in the summeror mine do, at least;I can only speak for myself,myself being all that I know-human feeling has long beenother to me, each mood and whim returning as unfamiliaras the scent of outerspace;they say that it smells like char,and somehow that speaks to memore than people ever didbecause I knowhow itContinue reading “The Rhythm Of A Number”

The Dog

“I didn’t know that Joe had a dog.” It was the man who said it. He hung back in the farmhouse doorway, one hand hovering over the girl’s thin shoulderblade, poised to yank her back into the barren yard at the first sign of trouble. The dog, however, did not move. It stood with aContinue reading “The Dog”

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