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A Stigmata

I’d gotten the splinter in church, of all places, pressing my hand against a pew. My mother had pressed me into joining the choir, and I hated every sanctimonious minute of it, shrilling the virtues of a God I didn’t believe in. I’d sit numbly in my seat, counting panes of glass as vibrant asContinue reading “A Stigmata”

Penitence Way

People do bad things when they’re desperate, and in the small town of Penitence most folks had some kind of hardship. Poverty, sickness, loss; we moved through these things like lizards through the sand, looking for some bolthole to hide in. It was all we knew, and had known, for nearly a hundred years. OurContinue reading “Penitence Way”


It started with the music, just one piece, jarring and experimental, played on the radio one summer afternoon by a pair of disc jockeys with little better to do. An unknown artist had composed it, an eccentric living in some basement apartment in Paris. It was easy to imagine them crouched before their computer, wild-haired,Continue reading “Zoanthropy”


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