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It was only when I heard the violin playing that I knew Rebecca was back again. She was something of a drifter, often disappearing from her apartment for weeks on end without telling anyone where she was going, let alone when she would return. Long and pale and quiet, Rebecca could lose herself easily inContinue reading “THE VIOLINIST”

Dark Spirit

The sun bled, eviscerated, across the skyline as the Crone climbed the mountain to visit the Storyteller. Skulls on fraying strings of rags swept the ground in her wake, and at the cave mouth the clansfolk awaited her like crows come after the dead. The old woman paid them no mind. They all knew ofContinue reading “Dark Spirit”

Witch Wife

winter was the nightI went to take my wife backfrom the witch snow broke its backunder my bootsas I trod outacross the wastelandunder the mountains with me I had my swordand whale-tooth knife and braided the hairwore down my back I blacked my eyeswith war paint fear was all I knewof the magicthat made baremyContinue reading “Witch Wife”

Mother Agatha

There was a woman in our village who was mad, and had been for as long as anyone could remember. Agatha had come to us, mud-daubed, barefoot, stumbling out of the night, her own home set fire to by bandits, making dust of all that she had. We took her in, accepting her strangeness, forContinue reading “Mother Agatha”


Again, again, the child cried, the strained sounds of its anguish rolling up from an apartment somewhere deep in the rankled bowels of the building, just as it had every day for months without without ease. The noise echoed along the spiral stairwell like the song of some eldritch instrument, sinister in its apex, desolateContinue reading “Rimanere”


At first, I didn’t believe that it was her; it couldn’t have been, not the girl I’d seen drinking champagne on a balcony overlooking the sea, her dark hair running through the sky like a crack in sea glass, smelling of cinnamon and salted breeze. Not the girl that had held me with hands softContinue reading “Giada”


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