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At first, I didn’t believe that it was her; it couldn’t have been, not the girl I’d seen drinking champagne on a balcony overlooking the sea, her dark hair running through the sky like a crack in sea glass, smelling of cinnamon and salted breeze. Not the girl that had held me with hands softContinue reading “Giada”

Blood Dogma

No human lovers, She had told me, only food for flesh undead, but She did more than drink them dry, would keep them laughing on Her arm like courtesans, in the end, Her eyes—upon me—hard, and gelid. Of me this flock knew nothing, or else thought me a mere familiar, a fumbling servant to theirContinue reading “Blood Dogma”

The Armoured Death and The Dragon Obsidian I: Parting As Friends

Elsdeth heard of the iron champion long before he arrived in the kingdom, his reputation a bard’s song on the wind. He had many names—the Black Giant, the Forged Knight, Scourge of Warriors, Wolf Lord–but the Armoured Death was what most folk called him, and as Elsdeth knew him thenceforth, until she learned of hisContinue reading “The Armoured Death and The Dragon Obsidian I: Parting As Friends”


There was a room in the convent of Saint Odilia that was never used, or so Sister Emily had been told. The door had been locked for years, the key mislaid by a novice, its innards—dust-clad, ridden with dun-legged spiders—long forgotten, as many such chambers were in the labyrinthine bowels of the nunnery. Emily mightContinue reading “Forgotten”


They would die together, the Preacher-King had said, and rise again as children of God, washed clean of the filth and sediment of human sin. But Ruth alone had risen, and the others were dead, still, their bodies strewn like flower clippings across the floor of the Chapel, and in the fields beyond where theContinue reading “Together”

A Stigmata

I’d gotten the splinter in church, of all places, pressing my hand against a pew. My mother had pressed me into joining the choir, and I hated every sanctimonious minute of it, shrilling the virtues of a God I didn’t believe in. I’d sit numbly in my seat, counting panes of glass as vibrant asContinue reading “A Stigmata”


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